Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stickamazonen Challenge #13

I am not satisfied with the result of my stitching for Stickamazonen Challange but glad that I tried this stitch. I call my sample 'Flowers, Hills, and Waves'.
Ich bin nicht gerade zufrieden mit meinem Stickergebnis der Stickamazonen Challenge aber sehr froh, daß ich den Stich ausprobiert habe. Ich nenne mein Pröbchen 'Blumen, Berge und Wellen'.

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shirley said...

Hi Raphaela, I think the description you have given this is really appropriate because that is just what it looks like.

Thank you for your kind comments on both my stitches. As you may have realised I am obsessed with reef stuff. However by doing these interpretations it might help someone who wants to try that and inspire them to come up with ideas as well.