Friday, November 5, 2010

Studio Journal

This post is ment to remind myself to use my journal on a more regular basis than I did in the past. I always enjoyed working in it.

Some colour exercixes:

Photos of lines I took:
Surprising coincidence:
The photo below left I took on the 5th April 2009. The next day, after I had put them into my journal, I found a blog post (on the right) where the artist uses a similar photo for textile studies.
Photos that actually led to a piece of stitching:
And just a proof that I started using my journal more frequently:


Annet said...

Thanks for sharing this. It reminds me I have to start one! I can see it's very useful.

Ruth said...

Great post! I love the color study and the photos of lines. I try to use my journal frequently but a reminder is always welcome.